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Our Vision


Our Firm is in existence since 1997 with office in NOIDA and has 5 Partners, 1 Company Secretary, 2 MBAs, 2 Lawyers, 2 Retired Bank Officers, and around 25 other staff. Today we serve over 75 clients in a variety of industries including those served; among them are Hotels, Steel, Textile, Packaging, FMCG, Plantation, NBFCs, Media, Entertainment, Hospitality, Airlines, Construction, Engineering, Transport, Pharmaceutical, Automobiles, Banks etc.

Internal Control Systems & Procedures, Finance and Management. We have policy of ensuring continuing professional education, with Partners and Staff regularly attending local courses and conferences on subjects of interest to profession. We also have the arrangement of holding weekly training classes for staff.


Entire work including Accounting, Auditing and Preparation of Reports is fully computerized with regularly updated programmes. Audit in the computerized environment is carried out using modern tools and techniques.


We provide fast, efficient service and clear advice. The practice makes full use of the talents and experience of the Partners and staff, which have been trained and worked in India. This, together with our growing quality client base, helps us to attend to our clients’ needs successfully, speedily and efficiently.