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Section / Rule Number   Content
Part I- 1. Short title, commencement and application
Part I- 2. Definitions
Part II- 3. Petition for winding up
Part II- 4. Statement of affairs
Part II- 5. Admission of petition and directions as to advertisement
Part II- 6. Copy of petition to be furnished
Part II- 7. Advertisement of petition
Part II- 8. Application for leave to withdraw petition
Part II- 9. Substitution for original petitioner.
Part II- 10. Procedure on substitution
Part II- 11. Affidavit-in-objection.
Part II- 12. Affidavit in reply.
Part II - 13. Applicability.
Part II- 14. Appointment of provisional liquidator or Company Liquidator
Part II- 15. Rules applicable to provisional liquidator
Part II- 16. Costs, etc., of provisional liquidator.
Part II- 17. Order to be sent to liquidator and form of order
Part II - 18. Contents of winding up order
Part II- 19. Directions on making winding up order
Part II- 20. Advertisement of order
Part II- 21. Declaration by Company Liquidator
Part II- 22. Company Liquidator to take charge of assets and books and papers of company
Part II- 23. Form of proceedings after winding up order is made
Part II- 24. Application for leave to commence or continue suit or proceeding
Part II- 25. Report by Company Liquidator
Part II- 26. Inspection of statement of affairs and report
Part II- 27. Consideration of report by Tribunal
Part II- 28. Provisionallist of contributories
Part II- 29. Notice to be given of date of settlement
Part II- 30. Settlement of list
Part II- 31. Notice of settlement to contributories
Part II - 32. Supplemental list of contributories
Part II- 33. Variation of list
Part II- 34. Application for rectification of list
Part II- 35. List of contributories consisting of past members
Part II- 36. Meeting of creditors and contributories
Part II - 37. Company Liquidator to report result of meeting
Part II- 38. Filling -up of vacancy in advisory committee.
Part II- 39. Company Liquidator and members of advisory committee dealing with company's assets.
Part II- 40. Advisory committee not to make profit
Part II- 41.Cost of obtaining order of Tribunal
Part II- 42. Order sanctioning payment to advisory committee
Part II- 43. Meetings of advisory committee
Part II- 44. Application of rules to meetings
Part II- 45. Notice of meeting
Part II- 46. Place and time ofmeeting
Part II- 47. Notice of first or other meeting to officers of company
Part II- 48. Proof of notice
Part II- 49. Costs of meeting
Part II- 50. Chairman of meeting
Part II- 51. Resolution at creditors' meeting
Part II- 52. Resolution of contributories' meeting.
Part II- 53. Copies of resolution to be filed
Part II- 54. Non-receipt of notice by creditor or contributory
Part II- 55. Adjournments
Part II- 56. Quorum
Part II- 57. Procedure in absence of quorum
Part II- 58. When creditor can vote
Part II- 59. Case in which creditors may not vote
Part II- 60. When secured creditor can vote
Part II- 61. Effect of voting by a secured creditor
Part II- 62. Procedure when secured creditor votes without surrendering security
Part II- 63. Admission or rejection of proof for purposes of voting
Part II- 64. Minutes of proceedings
Part II- 65. Report to Tribunal
Part II- 66. Voting by proxies
Part II- 67. Form of proxies
Part II - 68. Proxies to Company Liquidator or chairman of meeting
Part II- 69. Use of proxies by deputy
Part II- 70. Forms to be sent with notice
Part II- 71. Proxies to be lodged
Part II- 72. Holder of proxy not to vote on matter in which he is financially interested
Part II- 73. Minor not to be appointed proxy
Part II- 74. Filling in proxy where creditor or contributory is blind or incapable
Part II- 75. Proxy of person not acquainted with English
Part II- 76. Submission of periodical reports to the tribunal
Part II- 77. Employment of additional or special staff by Official Liquidator
Part II- 78. Declaration by professional
Part II - 79. Record book to be maintained by Company Liquidator
Part II- 80. Registers and books to be maintained by Company Liquidator
Part II- 81. All money to be paid into special bank account in a scheduled bank
Part II- 82. Bills, cheques, etc. to be deposited with bank
Part II- 83. Payments into Bank
Part II- 84. Company Liquidator's Dividend Account
Part II- 85. Where the company has no available assets
Part II- 86. Investment of surplus funds
Part II- 87. Company Liquidator to examine accounts for purposes of investment
Part II- 88. Investments to be made by Bank
Part II- 89. Dividend and interest to be credited
Part II- 90. Refunds of taxes
Part II- 91. Half-yearly accounts to be filed
Part II- 92. Form of account
Part II- 93. Nil account
Part II- 94. Registry to send copy of account to auditor
Part II- 95. Audit of Company Liquidator's accounts
Part II- 96. Audit certificate to be filed
Part II- 97. Audit fees
Part II- 98. Inspection of account and certificate of audit
Part II- 99. Account and auditor's report to be placed before Tribunal
Part III- 100. Notice for proving debts
Part III- 101. Proof of debt
Part III- 102. Mode of proof and verification thereof
Part III- 103. Contents of proof
Part III- 104. Workmen's dues
Part III- 105. Production of bills of exchange and promissory notes
Part III- 106. Value of debts
Part III- 107. Discount
Part III- 108. Interest
Part III- 109. Periodical payments
Part III- 110. Proof of debt payable at future time
Part III- 111. Examination of proof
Part III- 112. Company Liquidator's right to call any person in connection with investigation
Part III- 113. Affidavit
Part III- 114. Costs of proof
Part III - 115.Acceptance or rejection of proof to be communicated
Part III- 116. Appeal by creditor
Part III- 117. Procedure where creditor appeals
Part III - 118. Company Liquidator not to be personally liable for costs
Part III - 119. Proofs and list of creditors to be filed in Tribunal
Part III - 120. List of creditors not to be varied
Part III- 121. Notice of filing list and inspection of same
Part III- 122. Expunging of proof
Part III- 123. Procedure on failure to prove debt within time fixed
Part III- 124. Right of creditor who has not proved debt before declaration of dividend
Part III- 125. Payment of subsequent interest
Part III- 126. Attendance at proceedings
Part III- 127. Representation of creditors and contributories before Tribunal
Part III- 128. Powers of Company Liquidator
Part III- 129. Company Liquidator to be in position of receiver
Part III- 130. Company's property to be surrendered to Company Liquidator on requisition
Part III- 131. Calls by Company Liquidator
Part III- 132. Company Liquidator to realise uncalled capital
Part III- 133. Application for leave to make call
Part III- 134. Notice ofapplication
Part III- 135. Order granting leave to make call and document making call
Part III- 136. Service of notice of call
Part III- 137. Order for payment of call
Part III- 138. Other moneys due by contributories
Part III - 139. Application for examination under section 299
Part III- 140. Directions at hearing of application
Part III- 141. Service of summons
Part III- 142. Conduct of examination
Part III- 143. Notes of deposition
Part III- 144. Order for examination under section 300
Part III- 145. Notice of examination
Part III- 146. Adjournment of examination for orders of Tribunal
Part III- 147. Procedure for contumacy
Part III- 148. Notes of examination
Part III- 149. Application under sub-section (5) of section 300
Part III- 150. Warrant of arrest of contributory
Part III- 151. Prison to which contributory arrested on warrant is to be taken
Part III- 152. Execution of warrant of arrest outside jurisdiction of Tribunal
Part III- 153. Application under section 339 or section 340
Part III- 154. Directions at preliminary hearing of summons
Part III- 155. Liberty to apply for further directions
Part III- 156. Application for disclaimer
Part III- 157. Preliminary hearing of application
Part III- 158. Claimant to furnish statement of his interest
Part III- 159. Service of notice
Part III- 160. Order granting leave to disclaim
Part III- 161. Disclaimer to be filed in Tribunal
Part III- 162. Vesting of disclaimed property
Part III- 163. No claim to be compromised or abandoned without sanction of Tribunal
Part III- 164. Application for sanction of compromise
Part III- 165. Sale to be subject to sanction and to confirmation by Tribunal
Part III- 166. Procedure at sale
Part III- 167. Expenses of sale
Part III- 168. Declaration of dividend or return of capital
Part III- 169. Notice of declaration
Part III- 170. Form of authority to pay dividend
Part III- 171. Transmission of dividends, etc. by post
Part III- 172. Form of order directing return of capital
Part III- 173. Payment of dividend or return of capital due to deceased creditor or contributory
Part III- 174. Company Liquidator to apply for dissolution
Part III- 175. Dissolution of company
Part III- 176. Liquidator to pay the balance into Company Liquidation Dividend and Undistributed Assets Account
Part III- 177. Conclusion of winding up
Part III- 178. Application to declare dissolution void
Part III- 179. Statement to accompany payment
Part III- 180. Unclaimed dividends or undistributed assets under investment
Part III- 181. Application by person for payment of money paid into the Company Liquidation Dividend and Undistributed Assets Account
Part III- 182. Cost and expenses payable out of the assets in a winding up by Tribunal
PART IV - 183. Costs in the discretion of Tribunal
PART IV- 184. Bill of costs by authorised representative, etc. employed by Company Liquidator
PART IV- 185. Fees in misfeasance proceeding
PART IV- 186. Fees when proceeding is compromised
PART IV- 187. Costs of parties having common interest
PART IV- 188. Tribunal's power to fix a fee
PART IV- 189. Allowance to witnesses
PART V- 190. Powers and functions of Official Liquidator
Part VI.- 191. Inspection of file